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The International Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (ISMRT), A Section of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) is the leading non-profit organization that provides an international forum for education, information and research in magnetic resonance for radiographers and technologists throughout the world. Our mission is to advance global education in the field of magnetic resonance.

As an organization, we are committed to promoting communication and the dissemination of cutting-edge MR developments. The objective of the ISMRT is to advance education and training, while striving to promote a high level of knowledge and professionalism in the field of MR radiography and technology.

In support of the Society’s mission and strategic plan, the Scholarship Fund’s priorities are directed to:

Advancing the Field of MR Through Cutting Edge Research

Financial support for early career radiographers and technologists for high quality research.

Building Global Knowledge

Financial support for education related travel for radiographers and technologists in underserved countries.

Strengthening the Future of MR Technology

Financing the discipline of MR radiographers and technologists as a viable, competitive, contributory specialty that places MR radiographers and technologists in pivotal roles on the health care team.

A Continuum of Giving

Proceeds raised by the ISMRT Scholarship Fund are used for diverse initiatives from supporting education for MR radiographers and technologists in underserved countries to advancing the field of MR Imaging through the advancement of technology and research.

The ISMRT is grateful for gifts at any level. Please consider a gift to one of the programs to help us build a better MR community. Charitable contributions to the ISMRT have unlimited impact and are working to build a better future for our profession.

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Our Programs:

The John A. Koveleski Award for Professional Development

Supports MRI students and radiographers / technologists employed as MR radiographers and technologists that have been practicing in MRI 3 years or less to submit abstracts of their research.

Annual Meeting Stipend

Assists radiographers and technologists from underserved countries in attending the ISMRT Annual Meeting.

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