A Collaborative Forum for MRI Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction



Welcome to MRI Unbound, an ISMRM site dedicated to providing an infrastructure to promote the rapid and robust development of advanced methods for data collection and image reconstruction in MRI.


This site will evolve with time to best serve our community.  We welcome your comments and suggestions emailed to the Project Manager.  We allow anyone to download data from this site, but require membership in the ISMRM to participate and submit material for uploading.


This site has three areas.


The “Simulated Data” site has k-space data which is synthesized, via DFT, from a known data set.  It has the advantage of providing “truth”, and of isolating one effect for study.  These are seen as preliminary data sets to evaluate, optimize, and compare methods.


The “Collected Data” site (under construction!) contains actual MR data collected in a variety of formats.  This provides data sets for study which may be otherwise difficult to obtain, and also which can be used to study reconstructions across multiple sites.


The “Open-Source Software” site contains code for use in generating sampling trajectories and reconstructing images.


We hope you find this site a helpful and meaningful place for collaboration with colleagues and scientific inspiration.